ARTICLE | 01 Jul 2016 | A/Prof. Lucinda Burns

Drug Trends Conference 2016

National Drug Trends findings 2016

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The findings from the 2016 Illicit Drugs Reporting System (IDRS) and the 2016 Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) will be released at the NDARC Annual Symposium on September 12 2016.

Has the upward spike in heroin use seen in the US been replicated in Australia? What is happening with frequency of use among regular injecting drug users? Are use patterns impacting on overdose risk? Is crystal methamphetamine use still increasing or is it plateauing? Are more people buying their drugs online? The early findings of IDRS and EDRS will provide the answers to these and many other questions relating to price, purity and availability of illicit drugs.

Drug Trend speakers include:

Dr Courtney Breen will present the Findings from the 2016 Illicit drugs Reporting System (IDRS)

Ms Amanda Roxburgh will present the Findings from the 2016 Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) presented by

Mr Joe Van Buskirk will present Drugs and the internet: Findings from the Drugs and New Technologies (DNeT) project presented by

There will also be a Panel Discussion consisting of:

Professor Adrian Dunlop (Hunter New England Local Health District)
Mr Christian Vega (Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League)
Associate Professor Raimondo Bruno (University of Tasmania)

Please note that the National Drug Trends Program will not be holding a separate conference this year so if you are interested in these issues please reserve your place here.