Police warn of potent new ecstasy pill

Authorities fear potential potent form of crystal ecstasy

It’s the message police and health officials are tired of stressing - when it comes to drugs, you never know what you are taking.

Authorities fear a new “super strength” form of crystal ecstasy has hit the Australian market, and as a result, there will be a rise in the number of ecstasy-fuelled deaths, the Herald Sun reports.

It is understood the crystal capsules, nicknamed ‘Molly’, are about 80 percent pure MDMA and sell for an average of $25 per pill, police figures revealed.

The Herald Sun reports that the problem lies in the fact that consumers don’t realise these new pills are far more harmful and toxic than capsules they’ve likely taken in the past.

Grave fears grew after three people died in Melbourne from taking ecstasy tablets earlier this month, while another 20 were hospitalised.

The state’s authorities are now conducting forensic tests on that particular batch of ecstasy to determine whether it was the new “super strength” form.

However, examinations could take several days.

Amanda Roxburgh from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre said crystal ecstasy is easier to overdose on while Victoria Police assistant commissioner Rick Nugent said he can’t understand why anyone would put an ecstasy pill in their mouth.

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