Bulletin | 27 10 2016


Drug and New Technologies, Issue 7, October 2016

Key Findings

  • Sixteen marketplaces were actively monitored during the time period, one of which was first identified during this time.
  • The second largest marketplace identified in the previous bulletin, Nucleus, went offline in March 2016, apparently due to an exit scam.
  • Despite downtime across smaller markets, there was notable consistency in both uptime and the rate of increase in vendor numbers across larger markets.
  • Alphabay and Dream Market were the largest marketplaces at the end of the monitoring period, recording the largest number of unique vendors.
  • Across these marketplaces, cannabis, pharmaceuticals, MDMA, cocaine and methamphetamine were the five most commonly sold substances, with NPS popularity slightly declining.
  • By December 2015, two of the sixteen marketplaces being monitored had closed, either as a result of scams, or various other reasons, reinforcing the volatility of these marketplaces.