Report | 17 05 2016


ACT Drug Trends 2015: Findings from the Ecstasy and related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS)



In 2015 two-thirds of the RPU interviewed for the ACT EDRS were male (67%) and, similar to 2014, most participants were aged between their late teens to early twenties. The mean age in 2015 was 20 years old (M=20.31, SD=3.184, range=16-34). Consistent with previous years, the majority of RPU interviewed were from an English-speaking background (ESB), and predominantly heterosexual. The majority of the sample had completed 12 years of schooling, and at the time of interview the majority of RPU was either studying (part of full time) or employed. A minority of the sample reported currently accessing a drug treatment facility. KE reports are generally consistent with RPU demographics.


The proportion of participants reporting that they had ever injected a drug remained stable in 2015 at 5%. In 2015, the proportion of RPU reporting ecstasy as their drug of choice significantly decreased to 30% from 50% in 2014 (p=0.01). Polydrug use was commonly reported by RPU, consistent with KE interviews.


Significantly less participants (30% in 2015, 48% in 2014, p=0.02) reported having ‘binged’ (used continuously for 48 hours or more) on any stimulants or related drugs in the six months prior to interview. Drugs commonly used in these binge episodes were ecstasy, cannabis, methamphetamine powder (speed), and cocaine.